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Tuesday 15 June 2010

Spain's government destroys a religious statue- Catholic News Agency

"catholicnewsagency — June 14, 2010 — The "Pieta" statue in the Valle de los Caidos (Valley of the Fallen) which has been a symbol of reconciliation after Spain's Civil War is being decapitated by Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero's government."

I would not be surprised if this report from Spain, where CNA's parent company South American: ACI Prensa seemingly exists is true, given the record the Spanish government has. It is much like the choice to rename God's Window in South Africa, the changing of national identity by which symbols exist and what they mean.

The Biggest opposition to the Socialist Administration which wrecked the Spanish Economy, is the ever vigilant Catholic Church: which the government continuously and purposely opposes.

in reference to: YouTube - Spain's government destroys a religious statue (view on Google Sidewiki)

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