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Monday 14 June 2010

SA police used violence against legitimate protesters?

If true, then this AP story as edited by SAPA is shocking. Protesters claim they were offered R1,500 a day but got R190 a day to be stewards for the world cup stadium in Durban, and were unable to get home due to poor transportation. R1,500 is not what anyone would get for being a steward, but tricking the foolish is hardly becoming if FIFA did so, people quit their jobs for higher wages at times. Point? The police were allegedly set on the protsters, sure it was likely an illegal strike as strikes need state permission to be held, but this seems like excessive force by police who are not mentioned as warning the crowd to disperse, and tear gas them says the Associated Press.

Granted, putting concrete blocks into the streets of Durban outside the stadium is disruptive, but one hardly sees this alleged response when ANC allies COSATU disrupt roads in terrible ways. Under Zuma, this cup seems hardly as organized as those held by previous administrations in the ANC regime. Allowing Vuvuzelas which are proven to cause loss of hearing, the noise pollution everywhere, the unimpressive opening ceremony, and now these alleged protesters, who for some reason thought they were earning rates not befitting their low employment. I wonder if they will be compensated for going deaf after long exposure to Vuvuzela sounds? This will be a world cup many won't forget- but not for the reasons the government would suggest. E.g. children off school, while their parents work, human and drug trafficking, tourists who go home with HIV/AIDS. Or the many road deaths.

in reference to: Police break up Cup wages protest - Mail & Guardian Online: The smart news source (view on Google Sidewiki)

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