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Tuesday 22 June 2010

Daily Mail in blatantly anti-Catholic piece

When I saw the allegation of a she-pope I instantly thought Joan. Even if she existed, the priesthood's power cannot be bestowed upon a woman, as with the papacy, that would simply be a period without a pope, with one of many many anti-popes.

There is no real evidence for this woman, and the claims that there are also little evidences for the many popes at that time, means little, as their existence is neither here nor there.

An expert I accessed, I think on the New Advent site, said of Joan, that the legend started because a pope who ruled around her time was very feminine, one of the actual recorded popes, and that this man's image was noted, I think on coins ages afterwards, and thus, as happens with the fascination with the church, and given that the first writing about this woman correlate with the protestant heresy and schism, that thus, a male pope was distorted and his image used to create a myth of a woman pope, at around the time when protestants would officially be taught that the pope was the anti-christ.

As it is, she would either be non-existent or an anti-pope, there are plenty of anti-popes, and there are also some despicable real popes from that time. Attached in some way to the movie says the biased Daily Mail: Madonna, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett and Minnie Driver.

Is that a usual suspects list in anti-Catholicism? Well, I don't know who Minnie Driver is: none the less: this film, based on a novel, clearly has one intent: to discredit the Catholic church and to front an illusion, based on a non-existent fraud: that a woman can be ordained. The Holy Orders here: only work with men, the sacrament is otherwise invalid. Whereas a heretic ans schismatic can be a priest, yet a woman cannot: for the Holy Orders are real, and the "magic" of God is real and defined and yet truly and rightly confined! The Catholic Church shall never have the power to ordain a woman: this is defined doctrine, from a statement made in the procedure of Papal Infallibility. Any who willingly say nay to the truth here, commit heresy if not schism, for they have knowledge that they obey the church, and in their denial deny not just doctrine but dogma: and the authority of Mother Church and the pope. Jesus said to Peter the first pope: What you bind on Earth is Bound in Heaven, what you Loose is loosed in Heaven. Even the Protestants keep these words in their bibles, having removed so much since their schism started, and having often changed their bibles.

And this binding is evident in Acts 15, a council with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, where the church determines the truth, and says rightly, that this council in union with the Pope: Peter, the rock upon which Christ builds his church, which the gates of hell will not prevail against: was speaking on behalf of the Holy Spirit. And by the words of this council, they determined that parts of the bible of the time, did not need to be followed: that those regulations had passed away: had been replaced: says a church, which is the Pillar and Foundation of the truth, as the bible says (and yes I am constantly referencing the bible here, books included in the miniature Protestant bible too)! A bible which would not exist for 300 years in any official form: not until the Council of Rome first set out a New Testament, and the Vulgate was commissioned of St. Jerome: a bible in the common or vulgar tongue: Latin, translating the many languages of the 73 books!

in reference to: Mystery of the pregnant pope: New film reopens one of the Vatican's most enduring wounds | Mail Online (view on Google Sidewiki)

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