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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

My concern for valid reasons

Article by Marc Aupiais

Concerns by Marc Evan Aupiais

Having worked with these two individuals (Luckson Masiyiwa, and the worst person I've met: Tafadzwa Mbwachena) on a group project, in which one gave a false email, neither turned up to arranged group meetings, and both were extremely rude, and when I went out of my way, and was to compile a speech for the group: decided to inform someone not giving the speech of their project many hours before me, and not to inform me that one was writing for both, even when I requested it. And when I attempted to approach them, knowing that the project was soon due, and to discuss it, the work hating pair of individuals saw me and avoided me. The sort of behaviour they followed, in a group where I was elected leader, makes me believe neither are befitting of the title lawyer, and I don't think they should be employed by an employer with discretion, due to their lack of work ethic, and professionalism.

Luckson Masiyiwa 476158 (this email address registered as false, despite my double checking it  with the individual, and making him and all group members confirm their addresses after copying them onto my lap top)
Tafadzwa Mbwachena 477504

Due to the utter hatred of hard work, these two individuals had, we were unable to meet even once as a group, and it was only because of extra-ordinary effort on my part, that I was able to track them down to submit their essays, which they did much later than any other members (2 days), and only one claiming to represent both.

I also have some concern about  Karabo Mvubu  who was our tutor employed by Witswatersrand University, to whom we gave the presentation, who told us to base our speech on a part of our course pack where the answers he gave us after presentation, were not present, who paid no mind to speech giving ability, and himself speaks too softly for a small lecture venue to adequately hear him. He also wondered about while students were giving speeches, going about his own business separate from marking, which is certainly off-putting, and not to be permitted, of someone who is paid for a job.

I do have evidence to further my claims, should you be interviewing any of these three individuals, who so deeply concern me.

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