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Friday, 30 July 2010

@caelumetterram linked to this, brilliant

Another article, unlike the one I linked to on SACNS, this one isn't conservative, but a liberal: questioning the political words being used. As I agree for a long time, politics of conservative and progressive, conservative progressives and liberals of all striped, really evades the issues. Maybe in America they mean something, given the mass brainwashing Americans incur from youth (about freedom, liberty and white teeth I have been told). For the rest of us, we are waking to the fact, that these are redundant terms, which were redundant in the 21st century where they belongs, or rather, didn't. A smart electorate in any case follows the blogs of like minded people, and votes on more specific issues than issue evasion.

Thanks Caelumetterram. Awesome link. Adds to conversation!

in reference to: Hello, my name is ‘Progressive’ - The Globe and Mail (view on Google Sidewiki)

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