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Monday, 14 June 2010

You hurt me, so what: Ignorance- Paramore

There is the alleged topless picture twitter fiasco which anyone could get. If I used my specialized journalistic methods, I am sure I could dig the grave further, and find things and prove them which shock, but I am not doing an expose' on Paramore.

And it isn't because I like their music, I sometimes do, and they put effort into making videos which are not too boring and aren't all sex violence and partial nudity, something which does make me respect them more.

What I want to note is simple- someone hurt the Paramore singer or writer long ago, her music reeks of that. Most musicians, we can see their flaws, weaknesses and vices in what they say and do. Unfortunately, while art lets out the emotions, if it does not seek also to uplift, to bring to heaven after hell- often it perpetuates pain in artist, and in listener.

When I write I try to write to the deepest depths of hell, and then lift the reader to the highest heights of heaven. Most artists only try to do one or other, and thus they fail. Granted, sometimes I like to listen to Paramore! p.s. a paramour is an illicit sexual lover in case one wanted to know what that word means!

in reference to: YouTube - Paramore - Ignorance [OFFICIAL VIDEO] (view on Google Sidewiki)

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