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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Yes @MariKalabakas the Vuvuzela is a racket

It sounds like a sick duck or dying goat, it is proven that long exposure to it wrecks your ears (not that I need that anyway- I listened to too much loud music as a child, but after ages of sound therapy, and after becoming sensory defensive due to a sickness, I can hear again properly, but I do go deaf if I use ear phones long enough- as my ears are still hypersensitive).

More than that- that idyllic pastoral sound of the Vuvuzela, which mostly wont be recycled, is an irritation- the buzzing bee we cannot just swat.

Last night I watched a movie in a soundproof room with a friend. Thank goodness it wasn't interrupted by those sound weapons, which should be warehoused and burnt like the Kenyans did with their ivory (the idiots: South Africa just sells ours).

No, Mari, as I said jokingly Yesterday, reading your words: the Vuvuzela should be banned as a nuisance. Do we want deaf fans going home to Europe and the other places? Well, deaf Botswanans and Zimbabweans etc might help, as with deaf Zambians and Nigerians: if we ever want to make a silent attack on them with our ageing South African de-fence force.

I feel the same way about Kudu horns and Ivory as I feel about the patented Vuvuzela: yes Patented to my knowledge, not South African culture.

They belong in the era I mean error of barbarians and savages, which is likely why football hooligans love them so much! haha, have fun Mari. Stop being so patriotic, it's unbecoming to love your country so much;)!~ luv ya pal!

in reference to: What a racket that Vuvuzela!?! « Marianna Irene Kalabakas's Blog (view on Google Sidewiki)

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