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Monday, 21 June 2010

Vogue Magazine's anti-Catholic art!

"But recently, a photographer from Vogue Magazine did create a swastika made of communion wafers, sat back and waited for the phone to ring and…nothing. Well not exactly nothing. The Hackney Gazette (really) and the Jewish Chronicle called and wrote stories but that’s it.

For profit-provocateurism is a difficult business when so many are doing it. It’s tough to provoke outrage in a world where Hugh Hefner has a reality show that’s on at the same time as “Wife Swap” and the Bill Maher show.

Mind you, this communion wafer swastika was a particularly weak attempt in that the “artist” didn’t seem to have his story down as to what he was exactly protesting. He told one paper it was both protesting “the persecution of the Christian faith by the Nazis during the Second World War” but at the same time attacking Pope Pius’ alleged “silence” during the Holocaust.

What?! So it’s about the persecution of Catholics by Nazis and the complicit persecution of Jews by Catholics in league with Nazis? Come on. At least get your story straight."

Of course the communion wafer is believed to be the body and blood of Christ on the cross, is vogue really that revolting!?

Oh well, I can always search for worse on the internet if I really want something so revolting!

in reference to: Communion Wafers in Shape of Swastika? Yawn. | Blogs | (view on Google Sidewiki)

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