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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Awe- baby wants an abortion?

Linda Diebel of the Canadian Toronto Star, insists on attacking the Catholic church in this case: I have covered the case before: the church was correct- and had even offered financial support to insure the girl was safe. Her step father continuously raped her says the Star and other media: why did her mother not stop this?

The reason the step father was not excommunicated was a matter of canon law and doctrine. Abortion gains an automatic excommunication, while rape would require a canonical trial before excommunication to determine whether there actually was rape, and because one act is more common and less prevented by civil law than the other. The church did not need to excommunicate the father; as his crime is punished by the state.

In any case, what does one expect from the anti-Conservative, pro-abortion Toronto Star, which so clearly opposes the current Canadian administration, and now them Conservatives in Catholic Brazil.

Why a million or something state endorsed abortions a year? because most women are forced into abortion- by relatives, boyfriends, or by economic circumstances; that is not to validate their choice. The point is: most are coerced.

So Brazil it seems wants to protect the rights of the unborn child above all others, or some politicians there do says the Toronto Star.

Good on Brazil. Hopefully such would be interpreted so that where a cancerous womb needs removing etc, it may be done, even if it accidentally hurts/ends the life of the child. Abortion of course is the intentional killing of the child: what happened in Brazil. If they did an early caesarian section which risked the unborn child, that would have been different.

in reference to: Brazil: Abortion fight for raped girl, 9 - (view on Google Sidewiki)

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